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Christine Taylors amazing journey

Posted on Friday 21st May 10

Christine TaylorChristine Taylor Master Trainer

I love to inspire people and see the difference fitness can make in people’s lives. It can be truly life changing. It builds people’s self esteem, allows them the freedom to set goals they never thought possible before and can change the health of families just by getting them moving. I have always been involved in the fitness industry becoming a group exercise instructor at 18. I worked part time as an instructor before starting a family and moving to Australia where I established Newborn Fitness and chose it as a full time career.

I started my own business Newborn Fitness – New Body –New YOU !!

I have a number of areas that I specialise in. Firstly pre and post natal fitness for women that have had children and or are pregnant. Their needs are very specific and my group classes allow women to exercise appropriately with their little ones being cared for by a qualified early childhood teacher. I also personal train clients – those wishing to lose weight, elite athletes hoping to compete in world class events and clients that are referred to me for medical reasons. The Westleigh Warriors is my running club that coaches people who “can’t run” how to run and we enter local fun runs and other events in the running calendar.

Being a fitness professional is not a job it is a way of life and the positive influences are many and varied. My own health, the health of my husband and children is better because of the choices I make and demonstrate. Mentally and physically I am a happier and more fulfilled person because I do something that I love and I feel so rewarded and blessed to be able to help others along the way!

I have seen women unable to leave the house because of severe Post Natal Depression start to regain their lives through coming along to a group activity that allows them to focus on themselves for an hour. The mental and physical improvements are quick and clearly visible to sleep deprived mothers looking for something that will help deal with the challenging early months after having a newborn baby. I have seen clients lose amazing amount of weight- 20kgs plus and become fitness machines that are now inspiring others to do the same. I have coached tens of people that have not run for 15 years plus that are now regularly entering fun runs and recording faster times than they did a decade ago!

My clients support and encourage each other and provide a real positive community to exercise in and I am very proud of all of them.

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