Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm in Love: Montrail Badrocks

After lots of searching these little beauties arrived on the mail yesterday, Montrail Badrock trail shoes....I was a bit dissapointed at first as despite being advertised as having a wide toe box they were a little snug, but once i took out the substantial inner sole they fitted perfectly.....took them out for a spin this morning (on the road) and they felt incredible...

They are massively lighter than the heavy Brooks Beast i am used to (well what shoes wouldnt be)....the Beast weighs 14oz, these only 11.....secondly i can actually feel the road when i run, rather than floating on inches of support.....

The true test will be what it does to my overpronating-caused tendonitis......Im feeling pretty confident as i have been doing all my physio says and feel my posture is finally right (Im sitting on my bum when i run if you know what i mean....)...

So far so good...and they are pretty too! Vibrams anyone?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Chilling

Just chillin'

For the first time in forever I am just running for enjoyment with no particular goal in sight..the next run isnt until August (Jabalani Challange 26km trail run) so I have quite abit of time up my sleeve to just enjoy it without pushing the envelope

Im focussing mainly on adjusting my posture while running, doing my physio exercises so as to prevent ankle tendonitis..hopefully for good..ive noticed the more i do them the better my posture, core is in.....apparently this eases overpronation...

Running wthout a goal is pretty fantastic....I can talk to my buddies, take photos, stop to smell the roses on bush runs and rediscover why the whole thing is so fantastic....

Having said that im pretty happy with my times...around 5.4mins/k over 10kms....including rler coaster hills...maybe chilling out is the best way to do it!

This photo is better

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breaking the Spell

Been abit shaky since my post marathon jitters but thanks to a long 2 day walk along the six-foot track last weekend i have got abit of perspective......

Firstly chilling out abit and mixing things up with cross-training, hiking, elliptical isnt the end of the world, in fact its a bloody good break from monotony....

Secondly, there is nothing wrong with abit of time to step back, see the physio, work on my biomechanics, before charging ahead to the next marathon...

Somehow running can get you in a mindset that its hard to get out of..sort of like an obsession or an took me a long walk to see that....

Anyway, after 2 weeks I feel like Im getting back to four runs per week, taking it easy, enjoying it and not stressing....

Today I ran on the treadmill for a change and without really thinking about it ran five kms under 5mins/k........

Non-attachment...non-attachment.....Ill leave the last word to the beauty of Flica..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post-Marathon Revelations

Just having a few epiphanies about my postmarathon experience......this is how i did it

1. Run 2 days after the marathon as fast as a i can
2. Increase my frequency and intensity of runs 1 week after
3. Go full on into the next marathon training program but try and go faster
4. Risk re-injuring myself
5. Scratch my head about why?

Gee whiz, Im abit dumb....this is exactly the opposite of what everyone seems to recommend...

1. Take a break and return back to full schedule over 4-6 weeks
2. Only increase duration, frequency or intensity, not all three!
3. Take a proper rest before starting on the next training climb again
4. Keep all the injury-prevention habits in place
5. ENJOY running is the priority

Feel like Im back in synch again and realising that Im not superman Im just a runner!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Whats the Boundary Between Exercise and Exercise Dependence?

In my travels as a Clinical Psychology Lecturer I came accross a disorder known as 'Exercise Dependence' is the academic literature....which is pretty interesting...see below...

Exercise Dependence Criteria: The criteria for exercise dependence are based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders-IV (DSM-IV, 1994) criteria for substance dependence as well as previous research (e.g., Ogden et al., 1997; Veale, 1995). While the DSM-IV does not have specific criteria for execise dependence, the criteria for substance dependence were used as the framework. Exercise dependence is conceptualized and measured as a multidimensional maladaptive pattern of exercise, leading to clinically significant impairment or distress, as manifested by three or more of the following:
(1) Tolerance: need for increased amounts of exercise to achieve desired effect; diminished effect with continued use of same amount of exercise
(2) Withdrawal: characteristic withdrawal symptoms for exercise (e.g., anxiety, fatigue) or exercise is taken to relieve or avoid symptoms
(3) Intention Effect: exercise is often taken in larger amounts or over a longer period than was intended
(4) Lack of Control: a persistent desire or unsuccessful effort to cut down or control exercise
(5) Time: a great deal of time is spent in activities necessary to obtain exercise (e.g., physical activity vacations)
(6) Reduction in Other Activities: social, occupational, or recreational activities are given up or reduced because of exercise
(7) Continuance: exercise is continued despite knowledge of having a persisting/recurring physical or psychological problem that is likely to have been caused or exacerbated by the exercise (e.g., continued running despite injury).

What do you think? How many can you tick off? It made me think about my recent frustration with trying to increase my Kilometres after my marathon....should I? Am I entering into dependence territory?

Fortunately I think I can tick off 1.3.4. and 7. as not relating to me, although the others i am happy to accept.

7. is a particularly strong reminder not to run as much when injured...

If your interested check out the book above too

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Back It Up!

Since finishing the marathon i have been trying to increase my speed and frequency of runs, as seen in my last two posts...well, it seems I may have been going too hard and not introducing things ankle pain returned yesterday, just 2 days after my groin strain was re-ignited, a reminder that I need to introduce changes alot more slowly, seems Ive been a little too gung-ho to get it all done at once...

Why? I ask myself, did I get tempted into increasing everything so quickly, especially since I pride myself on being sensible....Ive tracked it back to my pre-marathon desire to avoid a post-marathon lull...I think i was worried that Id ease off too much after the marathon, get an anti-climax, so I pushed on too hard instead...hmmm, big changes need to happen over long time periods.

The ankle pain has subsided now but even a tiny taste of injury is exactly the reminder i back to running four days instead of five...the only small change Ill make is add 45 minutes cycling to my week and do a few more planks...if all is well Ill then push the speed a little and see how i go.....

Friday, May 6, 2011

Do It!

Ok....made it thru groin pain and slight ankle niggle to finish my second week at a bigger base....first week was a real shock to the system and hurt alot, then this wednesday i ran a really fast tempo (5.25mins/km pace over 10kms) which gave me a burst of motivation to keep going....sitting here drinking my Friday beer Im pretty pleased with myself that I kept it going, even if Thurdays run hurt (groin) and forced me to run super slow...smashed the hill session this morning...

One thing Im learning is to listen to my body and adjust speed accordingly...its a real balancing act between not injuring yourself but stretching the boundary...I think Im getting it....slight ankle niggle but that's normal

This weekend Im looking forward to a bushbash...then Ive really got to kick the fifty in the arse next week.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hard Going

Gee Whiz..pushing out from 34kms to 50 base per week is proving to be a hard slog...its not necessarily the miles as id done 65/week at the end of marathon training, its the fact that I have to do 5 runs per week now until the next long run period develops for September's Blackmores Marathon....

When i try and squeeze them into my schedule it turns out Im doing three runs in a space of 48 hours....fortunately I have always found a partner to join me, from my trainer to my regular running partners to a longlost high school friend rediscovered thanx to facebook..

One thing i have been realising though is that it will be good for the mind..I need a little more mental toughness and am softened by contantly using music and others to ease the pain of my runs...I did one run last week, 16kms, no partner, no music, in the rain, under pressure to get home and on massive hills which went pretty well and i kept a decent speed for me....

Lets see how things assured I will continue

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Time for a New Foundation

After much consideration i ran my first 50km/week base this week....Ive come to the conclusion that i need to move up from 34kms to 50 if i am to go the next step and improve my marathon time....I actually enjoyed it this week...squeezed runs in wherever i got the chance and my legs recovered better than i thought they would, although Im abit sore tonite after a very hilly rollercoaster 17 km long run this a.m..

My schedule will be:

1. Long run 16 plus
2. Hills 7kms
3. Tempo 10 kms
4. Recovery 10kms
5. Intervals 7kms

Long run will then be extended to top of 36km over the next few months

I think Ive arranged it so there is no junk kms and Ill augment it with some core and upper body work in the gym...

Pretty excited to see the results as Marathon training starts again...hoping to run a 430 this time..slow for many but Id be over the moon with it.....