Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To Marathon or Not to Marathon (Full) ?

Tonite, while doing a small tapering run for our first half the idea of doing a full marathon reared it's ugly head........we tentatviely discussed the training demands, the way to minimise impact on family (run at 4am), which races, would we do this September's Blackmore, the hot but flat December Central Coast or April's flat and cold Canberra.........a conversation that sounds very much like we may be on our way ? Ask me again at 18kms through the half this Sunday......the only consolation about the full it would seem is the pace..about the same as our tapering run today.....we'd certainly plan to do survive rather than do a specific sure we'll be thinking about it abit more before the conversation with partners ???


  1. Hi Paul!
    I've got a perfect training plan that we used on the Navy Running's got a beginner/intermediate/elite plan. All are 18 weeks, we usually started about 12 weeks out. It's easy, 3-4 runs per week, probably what you're doing now! For the Six Foot Track we only ran 3x a week so I say you're crazy not to go for it!!

  2. People are going to be extremely positive and tell you it's a great idea. And they're right. Finishing a marathon would be fantastic. I know I'd be delighted. However, the months of pain, the dedication needed, the constant source of injuries. I have a baby on the way so I'd much rather spend my time doing that but for the best insight about how painful it can be, read Iliketocounts posts leading up to and since the London Marathon.

  3. I've nothing but admiration for people that run Marathons. From my own experience, I would say see how you feel once you've completed the Half. Whenever I have just crossed the finish line of a Half Marathon and asked myself if I could now go and run the course again, the answer has always been a resounding "no". But hats off to you if you do decide to enter a Marathon. Like HMC says above - months of pain and dedication is needed but the feeling once you cross the finish line must be awesome!

    Good luck for the upcoming Half, by the way...