Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What to Do When You Feel Sluggish

Felt decidedly sluggish the last few runs, slower than normal, not feeling the power or mental drive when it's needed.......did a bit of research to see what others say about this...About.Running says the following:

You could possibly be overtraining, meaning you're running too many miles or running too hard. Try cutting back on your mileage or your intensity (or both). Even if a reduction in mileage or intensity goes against your training schedule, you need to listen to your body and give it the rest that it needs.

Im pretty sure this is rest for six days... it matches what my trainer told me.

Friday: 2km swim/25km bike
Saturday: Weights
Sunday: 18.6kms run, 5kms family walk
Monday: Gym workout plus 10kms bike
Tuesday: 7km run (but aerobic)
Wednesday: 10kms run

This schedule is pretty normal except for the 18.6km run which was very tough with half of it uphill and the bike riding......

Plus I think Im running to hard when Im at it with to large an anaerobic percentage

The plan for coming week then will be:

Thursday: rest
Friday: Gym class no normal run
Saturday: Weights
Sunday: 18km run

Plus to remember:

* Run for enjoyment
* Have fun or theres no point
* Run your own race

I then have a week away in the Blue Mountains which is perfectly timed.,..I plan 2 nice easy runs while Im away and some trail riding with the step back for sustainable running.....

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