Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Half Marathon Grimace: Stingey Photos

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Yes, after 5 days im back to normal, Monday was a day of broken legs, Tuesday of a gingerly-excecuted 5kms that surprisingly eased the pain and Wednesday a proper but slow 8km run.....normally I probably wouldnt have but I was spending the week in Canberra, well renowned as the most boring but flattest city on the planet.

I've dragged these photos accross from the Marathon Photos site but if they sting me for it (which I seriously doubt) I have bought one but wanted a hard copy version..please look closely at the "giving birth' grimace I like to hold whilst running ? It's a mainstay of every run...

Im looking for further recovery hints ? Massage ? Swimming ? Yoga ? Nothing ? Sex ?
Chocolate ? Top Gear ? Visiting Canberra ? Let me know !

At the moment the Warriors are planning which races to do in the Winter Season....the Hunter Half in June ? City2Surf 14km ? Blackmores Half ? Bay Run 7km ? We'll see what the consensus is....

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