Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Running in the Rain


We went running this morning at 545 am in the pitch black rain and i was thinking how if I'd seen people doing it a year ago I'd think they were mad. The reality is that after 200 runs since there's only been a handful in proper rain, testament to our drought conditions maybe but very different from my home country (England) I'm sure..........anyway we ran 7.6kms with one killer hill and four easier ones in 53.5mins, I was pretty happy with this and am grateful to Ronnie James Dio for his encouragment on the way........

I will be sure next time to follow About.Com's Running in the Rain Tips, including the one about chafing (sore nipples !) and drying your shoes out (still wet).......

The beautifully named ClubFatAss lists ten reasons for running in the rain

1. The shower afterwards feels really good.
2. It's good for your skin (is it really?).
3. It makes you tough.
4. Nobody else is out there.
5. I like jumping into puddles.
6. People think you are crazy.
7. The air feels purified.
8. You don't cheat and start to walk.
9. You can test how long it takes before you get hypothermia.
10.You run faster to stay warm.

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