Monday, May 3, 2010

Obesity Research ? A Note to Self

I've been crossing boundaries in my mind today, between my job as a Psychology lecturer and my current 'identity' as an ex-fatter person ex-smoker and runner.......asking myself how could i combine the two passions to help my students think through possible research projects.....heres what Ive come up with..this serves as a mental note to i dont forget...

1. How can we get people who have overcome obesity to meet up with those who havent to develop a client driven community based local action group ?

2. The Meaning Of Running: Can we find people who started running for reasons that include overcoming mental health problems and look for common plots in their life stories that might be inspirational or liberative for others ?

3. Can Psychology augment the Personal Training Industry to rescue them from getting themselves into trouble with very vulnerable people and to help psychology focus more on the 'soma' of psychosomatic problems ?

4. What about children ? Can we combine family-based treatment with family-based exercise "Big Brother' style given nothing seems to work when kids are morbidly obese ?

I havent read about these topics widely but its all food for thought......I'll keep you posted

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