Monday, December 19, 2011

Plans for 2012

As the year ends i am thinking about what has been achieved this year. Its been a great year of running with the highlights:

1. Finishing my first marathon in Canberra in April
2. Going bush and tackling the Jabulani Challenge 22kms
3. Discovering the Great North Walk and all its pleasures
4. Starting to develop sustainability through chi-running

Next year I will give the Marathon a miss and focus on mainly trail running and consolidating chi-running ....i dont feel the thrill of setting a marathon goal but am very keen on doing more trail runs..

...which runs to aim for next year has a few dilemnas in it....I was keen to run Mt Wilson to Bilpin 34kms in August but it clashes with a few other things, particularly Jabulani and Pub2pub which i really dont want to miss. Here's a tentative list

Linfield Funrun 10k April 3
Sydney Half Marathon May 20
Woodford to Glenbrook June 26 25kms
Jabulani Challenge 7 August 21kms
Pub2pub 13kms August 26
Blackmores Half September 18
Bare Creek Trail Run St Ives 10kms 13 November

The new run for the year will probably be Woodford to Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains rather than Mt Wilson to Bilpin

The key will be to keep enjoying it of course, focusing on form not speed and do as many casual runs with friends in the bush as possible!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chi's Coming Together

Every now and then Im getting that feeling like all the stars align and i finally understand how the chi-running process is supposed to far ive practiced specific things on each run, mid-foot strike, cadence, pelvis in, relax,but during the past few runs this week it has started to come together as a whole..

Last wednesday night for example i ran 11kms, most of which involved the forward lean and correct posture and felt really at ease and relaxed for the whole pace is still slow (as low as 6mins/km at this distance) but I can feel the petrol still in the tank when Im getting it right.

The biggest benefit seems to be what happens between runs rather than just during runs...the terrible strains and pain in my ankles and abductors has diminished and i am finding that my recovery is much quicker...

Lets hope i have finally found the answer.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

More GNW Fun

Two weekends in a row exploring the great North Walk, this time accompanied by a great kid, 11year old Christian, who spent much of the time in front bounding around like a rabbit while we slugged it out up and down hills for 2 hours...leeches? pull 'em out!

Running this track near home down in the direction of Galston Gorge is something I could get used to...focussed this run on trying to get the chi-lean in the bush...can be tricky when your looking down at your feet and hopping around but will keep persevering..certainly feeling pretty good a few hours later..stiff but no strains.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Chi-List

Just writing myself a note of the chi-things I need to remember in the long term...cant keep them in mind every run, perhaps only one or two, but listing them here helps me imprint them on my brain.....this week im focusing on 1.,2.,8. and far so good

1. Shorten your stride
2. Focus on form and forget the road
3. Keep lower legs limp or they'll get injured
4. Relax
5. Look up
6. Engage pelvis only
7. L-E-A-N
8. Keep arms at 90 degrees
9. Use arms to guide cadence
10. Keep legs straight on
11. Keep feet closer together
12. Feel legs go out the back from above hips
13. Midfoot strike
14. Bodysense
15. Use metronome

Monday, December 5, 2011


Its been a while since my last post...things have been pretty busy...As far as running goes the highlight in the past few weeks has certainly been the Marysville Half Marathon, run in a town obliterated by bush fires a few years can see below that it's re-grown pretty well

The course consisted of mud (first 9 Kms), then uphill (next 7), then down hill (next 5) the end of the long torturous hill was a beautuful waterfall to reward our efforts........
Generally I was very happy with my race..I took the view that a steady run would work best, especially given the mud....generally i was out there to enjoy it, practice my chi-form and look around...below, however, you can see my form after the massive hill where my legs, core and back felt quite smashed...pretty much defines the opposite of chi, but, hey, its a transition that should take quite a while.

I have to take my hat off to Grace and Wendy who i went with..Grace because she ran effortlessly and for her generosity with showing me about and transport..

Wendy because she was a massive inspiration..this was her third half for the year and she has already run three marathons too including St Petersburg.......she has so many stories about a lifetime of running...what a fantastic person...

After this i took a few days rest, ran a few 7kms during the week, then smashed it again on Sunday with a 2 hour trail run along GNW from Westleigh towards Galston Gorge...thanks Duncan and Al for a really enjoyable run..

During the week Ive been feeling abit sore....hobbling abit during my second Chi training session with my great coach, JR...this time trying hard to learn how to speed up my cadence...some improvements but along way to go..I like the diagram below, because it reminds me to relax about it abit and take my time..Im giving myself 6 months to get it properly

I did however buy some new shoes...not flat ones as advised but 2 steps down from The Beast....Ill gradually get there..

By for now!!!