Monday, May 10, 2010

Need Some Inspiration ?

Need some inspiration, don't feel like getting up at 530 tomorrow morning or braving the cold ? Try InspiredToRun, a great sight full of stories of why people run, what it means to them, can put your own in too and get the chance to be featured in Runner's's part of their blurb...

'Isn't running amazing! This site was launched to showcase your real-life stories of inspiration — and they've been a brilliant breath of fresh air. From taking up running to lose weight, to regaining long-lost self-confidence, to overcoming eating disorders and drug addiction… it's all here.

Then there are stories of brilliant, life-enhancing runs on beautiful days; tales of clawing back from devastating injury or illness (if you think you have problems getting out of bed to train, try it when you've just had both your legs broken in an attack); or overcoming running hurdles to run in memory of a loved one

They have 400 stories so far........go on....make it 401...

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