Thursday, June 3, 2010

Negative Splits Rule !!

For the last week I have been attempting to change my running from flatout at the beginning and crawling over the finsh line to the reverse and I have to say I now fully understand why it's reccomended.

1. Last Sunday we did a 13km run and I felt pretty solid the whole way and didnt fall on the grass in a heap at the end like I usually do

2. Tuesday morning 7km is a nice and easy run which I finished with a 1.5 km dash...gee it felt good to finish strong

3. Wednesdays 8km (10 after we got lost) also ended in a very competitive sprint with another Warrior which I never thought I could do

4. Todays 6.5km was similar although i felt stronger at the end than I have ever felt

......but what about times ? Well they are pretty similar to my 'positive split' running but I feel so much better, Im hoping as I keep it up it starts to show in the times ?

PS: only poms may understand the picture.....

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