Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Got My Mojo Working

Last night i went out explicitly to prove to myself that I could run faster over a longer distance and that my slow times recently were more mental than physical.....BOOM! 15kms in a 5.5 pace over a rollercoaster route.....may not be fast for many of you but its all about competing against yourself and last night i won

Im imagining that my body is like the bus in that Keanu movie Speed...if i run slower than 5mins40secs per km Ill explode and leave a terrible mess on the road...

I did five kms steady before meeting the Warriors for the last 10 and worked my butt off to keep the two leaders in sight....I caught up to them twice but they got me on the hills each time...still, i ran much faster over this distance than i have in around nine months...

So what do i need to focus on to keep doing this? Here are some thoughts..

1. Stay focussed through the whole run..dont let the mind wander..especially to thoughts of slowing...
2. Lock in the resolve and dont let go no matter what..get angry
3. Watch the second half of the run especially....remember your body can do more than your mind thinks it can and keep the pace....
4. Use affirmations if neccesary when it gets tough
5. Surge on occasions during the run..trying and get that feeling of flying
6. Make sure you fed and hydrated properly during the day before the run
7. Always keep the posture right..youll feel stronger..
8. Try and relax while your pushing it

This weekend in the Berowra BushRunners 10Km Handicap..the perfect opportunity for me to do it worries

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