Monday, July 5, 2010

How To Race the City2Surf ?

Elevation Profile

The City2Surf is only 4 and a bit weeks away, the biggest funrun in the world with nearly 80,000 entrants over 14kms from the centre of Sydney to Bondi.....Im thinking about strategy given it will really be the first formal race Ive ever run with more than just finishing as best i can in you can see from above the mid-way point is marked by 'heartbreak hill', a 1 km/ 80 meter ascent.....this makes the idea of negative splits challenging given it would involve stepping up just as you reach the top.......its clear a downhill sprint is called for at the end!

Anyway here is my 5.5kms/min all the way to Serpentine (HeartbreakHill), this is slower than my normal run but will account for crowds, run up the hill slow and steady.....then pull out the negative split and run the next 3 at 5.2kms/min, then sprint the last 3 downhill .........this should give me a time of around 75 or 76 which would be 15 minutes faster than last year (I was just starting running) average time per km would be 5.40'ish accross the race.........just abit slower than my normal practice average...not sure if planning it out like this is the right thing to do but im concerned that going on feel has left me with worse times in the past

I'll need this to help....

Distance Neareast Cross St Actual Road
2km Moana St New South Head Rd
3km Manning St New South Head Rd
4km Wolseley Rd New South Head Rd
5km O'Sullivan Rd New South Head Rd
6km Dover Rd New South Head Rd
7km Clairvaux Rd New South Head Rd
8km Serpentine Ave New South Head Rd
9km Clarendon St Old South Head Rd
10km Lancaster Rd Military Rd
11km Raleigh St Military Rd
12km O'Donnell St Military Rd
13km Ramsgate Ave Campbell Pde

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