Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lesson 10: The Joy of Stretch

In the year since I have been running seriously there have been some pivotal moments where i learned some piece of the puzzle that turned out to be essential.....Ill try and list them in order

1. You can run far if you slow down enough 2. run up hills slowly and then run faster at the top 3. run slower at the beginninig and faster at the end 3. do sprint training 4. use mantras to get through pain 5. drink lots of water the day before and before you go 6. try and push the whole way 7. slow down when your injured 8. cross train when your bored 9. wear a camelback on long runs

Today I learned number of the most obvious but ive totally neglected it....10. stretch properly after any run....

Westleigh Warriors spent 30 minutes stretching tonite thanks to our trainer Christine...after so many long weeks of Half marathon Training I feel like someone gave me my legs back....(and my groin).....

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