Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Treadmill Capers: Check Out This Nutcase

Thanks to ShutUpandRun for this lead. Have you ever watched people on the treadmill at the gym as they run in wierd ways, use strange arm movements, read books (?), walk so slowly they are almost standing, wear grey work socks, drink coke (yes i saw this), crane their neck the whole time to check out their fat bottom (they thought it was small from the look on their face), wear virtually nothing (ok this one's not so bad, depending of course), sing to their Ipod, sweat like they are in the shower, burn calories they cant afford, wobble their canckles .....well none of that is as wierd as this !


  1. Fun video - Dancing on the treadmill - looks dangerous!
    I hate treadmill running - 3 miles is my limit!

  2. me too, how come it feels harder than the road even though there are no hills ?