Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back in the Saddle

With our first Half Marathon 2 weeks behind us it's time to move on and start proper training again. Our trainer sent us this...

W/E 30.5.10 6.6.10 13.6.10 20.6.10 27.6.10 4.7.10 11.7.10 18.7.10 25.7.10 1.8.10 8.8.10
Monday 6km 6km 6km 6km 6km 6km 7km 7km 7km 7km 4km
Wednesday 7km 8km 9km 8km 9km 10km 9km 10km 10km 10km 6km
Sunday 12km 14km 15km 16km 18km 20km 18km 14km 13km BAY RUN RACE DAY
A plan to get ready for the 14km City2Surf and 7km Bay Run in August plus the Blackmores Half Marathon in September....

Im pretty happy with this...lots of my friends have set big running goals and then stopped when they have achieved them...this means its a long term activity in my book...tomorrow 12kms (in the rain)

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