Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Lesson From the Half Marathon: Plan Ahead and Fight For Your Time

angry_baby.jpg angry baby image by dudewtfhax

After 7 days of recovery time from the half marathon and two easy gentle runs it was time to take revenge on the road for giving me a time i wasnt altogether happy with last week.......after the euphoria of actually surviving last week I have thought through what I learned and whether or not i was ok with the fact my time was around 8 minutes slower than in training. My concluson was that I was happy but that I needed to plan my races a little better, not just listen to music and see where it takes me....

We planned a 10km today defined by one or two complete bastards of a hill and some lovely long stretches......I visualised in my mind a fast start, taking it slow and steady on the hills and then running hard from the 7km worked and i did my record time for this course at 53m55secs.........the music....RAMMSTEIN

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