Thursday, September 30, 2010

Listen to Your Body? I'm Having a Spiritual Moment

Corny as it may seem if there's anything I have learned from the last few weeks of injury it's this: "Listen to your body" a way this is the lesson i have been learning for the last 18 months, to tune in a hear what it's saying to me... screamed "DONT SMOKE YOU FUCKING IDIOT" for decades and I didnt listen, "YOUR TOO FAT" and most importantly "DO YOU HAVE TO WORK SO BLOODY MUCH"

...but lately Im finally learning to tune in to a quieter more subtle that says "push it hard, youve got alot left" or " woah on the food, your overdoing it", "take a rest and go slow", " have a sleep", " dont go out again, its too much" etc....... many this would seem obvious, but its quite a revelation to me at the moment, the fact that listening in this way can be a kind of spiritual experience..a reconciliation with a friend you've had for a long time but have ignored

.......too corny and melodramatic ? Maybe.... but Mind/Body/Spirit or (Father/Son/Holy Ghost if your that way inclined) seems to make up a threesome that eventually need reconciliation....out of every challenging time comes something good and as i rest my weary body Im getting mine... celebrate Im listening to one of Van the Man's ultimate spiritual songs

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