Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 Weeks Left to Blackmore's Half Marathon!

This morning marked the end of the long runs in our prep for the Blackmoore's Sydney Half Marathon, Ive been running 40-45 kms a week for 6 weeks or so and have lost 2kg.....the last two 20km runs have brought me to a 2hour and 2 hour 1 minute half pace which puts me at about the same speed as during the prep for the May Sydney Half.....not sure if our plan to go under 2 hours is really possible given my race speeds are usually abit slower than training but Im feeling pretty content either way....

Ive been gradually coming to a realization over the past few weeks that will power and effort are really not the way to run and weight are...yes, I know...obvious right...but its quite a relief and ive been really enjoying my runs more than ever......anyway......not long to go and then the next challenge will have to be the full Marathon

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