Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon Race Report

What a perfect Sydney spring day for the Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon, kicking off at 620 am in Milsons point, accross the Harbour Bridge and finishing at the iconic Opera House
Ten Westleigh Warriors ran today (here we are in the carpark looking like something out of Fight Night), all psyched after months of training, much of it on hilly courses. This held us all in good stead given the flat Blackmores course, making the run feel pretty good and leading to many PB's (a couple that were pretty beyond belief!) know who you are!

My own plan was to go under 2 hours and to hold a steady pace the whole way..whispering ("Run within yourself" about a million times to keep me steady...)....this worked pretty well, crossed the 10km mark in 53 minutes feeling strong then made the steady slog to 15kms (my mantra had then changed to "just get to 15"), past the Rocks and over the expressway to Ultimo ("just get to 18").....slowed considerably at this point but kept watching the clock and very happy that I knew I could come in under 2 hours...spurred on by my playlist (Mantra: "The Ace of Spades, The Ace of Spades"_ !) I ran the rest 6kms at 5.8'ish minute pace, clocking 1hour 57 minutes at the end....6 minutes faster than the last Half Marathon, although many less hills, pace of 5.57.....

All up a thoroughly enjoyable morning, a few feelings of despair on the last few KM's but none ofthe utter exhaustion of the City2Surf or last Half Marathon (although doing a full Marathon seems abit daunting ?!)....well done to all the Warriors.........onwards and upwards from here, we knocked 'em out!


  1. great result ,well done! you must feel great!!

  2. thanks, man your mileage is pretty blown away by how far you run each week!

  3. hi Paul. it helps that im living about 20km from work and the public transport is a nightmare so im motivated to run home most days. that seems to add up. however im moving this friday so will be more of an effort to keep up the mileage..

    im currently trainign to run the fitzroy falls fire trail marathon in october as a qualifier for 6ft track. ive run the 6ft track once when i was camping near there and its an awesome course. lots and lots of hills but beautiful countryside. if your not already running trails this will get you hooked. and then from there the only way is up...... ;)

  4. yeah, ran in the blue mountains a few months ago, just 3 sisters to leura cascades, probably the most enjoyable run ive ever had...

  5. Hi Paul
    Silly queation but is Westleigh Warriors running club in Westleigh?
    Moving to Westleigh son and looking for a running club. Thanks