Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Half Marathon Playlist

AS usual I have been putting some thought into the playlist for this weekends Blackmore's Sydney Half rule is to always take at least as long as the actual run to work it out. Here's what Ive come up with....

1. Ventura Highway: America
2. Ridin Solo: Jason Derulo
3. Sound of Muzak: Porcupine Tree
4. Stillborn: Black Label Society
5. Dont Sweat the Technique: EricB and Rakim
6. Listen to the Lion: Van Morrison
7. Freebird: Lynyrd Skynyrd

This takes me half way. ready to crank things for a negative split...

8. Wont Get Fooled Again: The Who
9. Tears Dont Fall: Bullet for My Valentine
10. Dont Believe the Hype: Public Enemy
11. Paranoid: Black Sabbath
12. Everybody Dies: Type O Negative
13. Highway to Hell: ACDC
14. Dreams: Van Halen
15. Colours: Calvin Harris
16. Born to Run: Bruce
17. Romeo and Juliet: Dire Straits
18. Ace of Spades: Motorhead

...................but the ultimate track will be

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  1. This my kind of play list! I'm trying to put one together for my half this weekend, thanks for the inspiration!