Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Protein Blues

Spoke to an ex-ultra marathon/crossfit friend the other day about my inability to drop below 100kg weight and he revealed something to me i had been suspecting for a while, Im eating way too many carbs....

Breakfast: 1 piece toast and a MASSIVE bowl of oats
2nd Breakfast: Banana bread
Lunch: lots of fruit, nuts, more fruit, raisins, wasabe peas
Dinner: 2 glasses wine, big load pasta or rice with whatever, yoghurt and fruit

Today and yesterday:

Breakfast: three eggs, two pieces of toast, 2 pears
Snack: handful cashews
Lunch: Wrap with chicken, seeds, rocket, tzatziki, green peas
Dinner: spaghetti marinara light on spag massive amount of seafood (still 2 glasses wine), yoghurt & fruit

Problem is...Im still bloody starving even 30mins after i finished dinner....more bloody eggs anyone ? Might just sneak in a tiny bit of porridge?


  1. More eggs - maybe do 5 or 6 eggs (joe eats 6). I have 3 and I am a woman. Add more veggies or salad - thats what will fill you up with the protein. Cut the grains away - they will make you sluggish. Add more fat - fat with every meal you have ie - nuts.

    A snack of just cashews isn't enough. Add a tin of tuna.

    Also you need another snack between lunch/dinner. Apple and almond butter with some turkey breast (about 200g).

  2. Oh and drink lots of water or cuppa tea!!

  3. Not meaning to sound like a know it all sister in law but doing Crossfit - we had to change our diet or we wouldn't survive a workout or the day!

  4. my concern is the how much carbs i need for running energy to ? after this coming half we start to up our distance to 25-30kms... shouldn't i keep some carbs?

  5. Some would say yes, some would say no. Will have to ask the boss that one. You may need carbs but not as much as you think you may need. Boss man will know since he did run once - now he is a fat man with a belly - moooooo