Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time to Take Stock: Notes to Self

Now that running season is pretty much over (ok, still the SAN run and Run4Fun 10 k'ers left) it's time to take stock......I have run just under 1500kms so far this year and am really happy with my times but after the second half marathon just done its time to do a review and work out where to from here.

Firstly, the next goal has to be a full marathon. To do this I think I will need to change a few things about my running style to make it sustainable. At the moment I have a sore ankle and knee from last weekends Half, a symptom, I think, of my style and posture going out the window when fatigued and also of we pushing the envelope on the bike right before the Half doing sprints with the kids.....so Ive booked myself in to the physio on Friday to ask for a review of my posture and style, just to make sure this doesnt cause me injury as I up the ante..

Secondly, I really want to include trail running in the schedule and to keep the longer distance in the bush. Also I would like to run some competitive trail runs, not always on the road.I am on a sabbatical from work end of next year and will probably go to England or Wales and would love to try some running there (Lakes District ? Snowdonia?)

Thirdly, I need to learn to be more comfortable with rest days, taking a break when sore or injured and generally learning when to chill out abit (like now Im stressing because I shouldnt run tonite because of sore ankle)

Fourthly, I need to try running without music to see if my reliance on it is holding me back. I noticed when I forgot my shuffle the other night that I really focussed on listening to my body instead of the music...this will be a hard one..........................


  1. its good to avoid getting out of the habit of running with music. admittedly when road running music is great for drowning out the noise of the cars, but jump on the trails and you just wont want to listen to music anymore.

    i personally think trail running is much easier on the joints and muscles, it certainly slows you down more but its well worth it.

    great work on the mileage this year. thats great going. last year i only managed 683km!!

  2. cheers...got to get thru ankle injury first...not getting better so we'll see what physio says this week...after that ill be trying bobbin head and trails around the back of pennant hills

  3. good luck with the physio

    i found myself around bobbin head last saturday. my run somehow took me there. lovely area, great place to run