Thursday, September 23, 2010

Second-Order Change Thanks to My Physio: No More Salsa-Running!

In my work life (child psychology/family therapy) we say there are 2 types of changes: first order (symptomatic) and second-order (more fundamental systemic change)......this is what was promoted at my excellent physio appointment this ankle and knee injuries are a product of my running posture which has more similarities with salsa dancing than running..apparently i swing my arms, push my elbows out, dont tighten my core, swing my feet out the back (im an "In-y") and generally place strain on my knees and ankles........from now on I will have to run like my running mate Frank....loose arms, tight core........straight feet, straight back....before that a good 10 days rest relying on cross training to keep my Voltarin, Ice, Exercises...........

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  1. I think for this you for go for good Physiotherapy.Its bets for treatment and hlps to make you cure and relief from pain.