Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is There Such a Thing as a Natural Runner ?

Have you ever had the experience of running with a group. slogging your guts out for every second of improvement, then someone new comes along and chews thru his/her own time like the clappers each week, smashing his/her pb by 20seconds/km every run ?

Gee whiz, this week I marked one year since joining the Westleigh Warriors and ran a loop I ran a year ago.....Im about 50 secs per km faster which Im extremely pleased about but watched a newer runner enter into a whole new dimension with a run of 45mins over 10kms.........a time that Im pretty confident is completely out of my league.........Im not writing this because Im worried about it, in fact Im really enjoying running at my pace at the moment, running comfortably and not stressing about times..Im just wondering what accounts for this kind of tremendous improvement....? Ever had this experience?


  1. ah good old genetics!

    where in the UK are you originally from? i too am from across the water!

  2. Manchester originally, immigrated at 21 following a woman....45 now....i agree re genetics, his 7 year old daughter wins athletics already ! Where are you from ?