Monday, November 29, 2010

What Does The Mind Need to Know for a Marathon?

Ive been thinking alot about marathon running as the first day of a 16 week training schedule for the Canberra Marathon starts next Sunday. I feel relaxed about the fitness side of things, not because Im ready (Im definitely not), but because the training programme will take care od itself..Im more keen to learn about the mental side of things and have been reading some things which make sense..Im writing them down here as a record of what has interested me the most, but given Ive never run one am not sure if they work?

* Break the race up into achievable goals
* Learn to manage self-doubt and bad thoughts
* Use distraction or meditation, staying centred...
* Let it all wash over you and just keep going regardless
* Talk to your partner to take your mind off the pain
* Look around you and take it all in
* Go at a steady sustainable pace
* Use mantras
* Make sure you know your reasons for doing it in the first place
* Include Van Morrison on your playlist?

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  1. SOOO much of running is mental. It is def something that I need to train for. Good luck this cycle!