Monday, November 22, 2010

How Come Running Bodies Know What to Eat?

I spent a bit of down time today looking on the net at what are the best foods for runners to eat and am pretty amazed that despite not really paying attention to it before my body seems to have naturally leaned in the right direction.

My top ten foods in terms of quantity and frequency would probably be

1. Oatmeal
2. Wholegrain bread
3. Fruit and veg (including frequent Banana)
4. Nuts and Peanut butter
5. Eggs
6. Fish and meat
7. Baked beans
8. Yoghurt
9. Coffee
10. Monster (Blue) and Caramello Koals daily

Ok, number 10 isnt recommended but generally the way my appetite seems to have shifted since i started running fits with what Im reading...hi on complex carbs, plus protein and lots of fruit and veg..


  1. cool,

    i eat tonnes of museli and greek yoghurt. twice daily in fact. whole grains all the way. protein shakes after most runs.

    2 large handfulls of nuts per day (really do work at filling me up), a wheelbarrow load of vegetables (gf is vegetarian and i am gravitating away from meat - eat once a week max). have a killer sweet tooth and cheese cake gets smashed fairly regularly. I have no control over portion size

  2. Nice Paul! When I ran (marathons) I ate heaps of pasta and complex carbs. Since Aug 1 I've gone almost 100% Paleo meaning if it doesn't grow above ground or have parents, I won't eat it. My speed has improved and strength has as well...big time. Here's my top 10!

    1. Meat (eggs, skinless sausages, fish, mince)
    2. Vege's (only above ground types, no potato's or root type veges)
    3. Nuts and seeds (15 almonds probably 4-6x a day)
    4. Fruit, 2-3 pieces a day
    5. Protein shakes (after workouts, at 5am if I have to train clients, and one right before bed)
    6. No dairy (although for 6 weeks I did have 2 liters of whole milk a day to put on weight).
    7. Coffee, black, 3x a day. No diet drinks, juice or energy drinks
    8. Green tea 3-4x daily
    9. Lots of water
    10. One blow out meal per week (Sat night) and sometimes a small chocolate treat on Tues or Wed. Blow out meal could be McDonalds and 1 liter of ice cream!

    You're doing well, I've gone the Paleo way to help with strength and speed for CrossFit. Good job man, hope you enjoy your marathon training!!