Monday, November 29, 2010

Shown an Excellent New Trail by 'Lungs of Steel"

A friend introduced me to a fantastic trail run yesterday in North Turramurra which as starts from the shops, up Burns Road to Golden Jubille Oval, where you feel on top of the world looking down on a twisting and turning fire trail through the bush......down hill for 3 kms, some fairly steep and then of course uphill for the same, topped off with a fantastic 2-3km sprint home on the running partner helped take the pain away by chatting away for the whole run (including the hills) proving her lungs of steel and making for a really enjoyable run....ill definitely take my running group on this varied and sometimes idyllic run...finished with a big lunch of bakes beans, power bar, gatorade and banana...feeling like i needed nourishment after a pretty full on weekend......

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