Friday, November 12, 2010

Marathon Training Starts in 3 Weeks

Preparation for next years Canberra Marathon starts in three weeks, my first one ever and thankfully a flat course..looking at the schedule set by our trainer it actually looks do-able with a peak weeks distance at 60kms and a max long run at 32kms...

My main concern is whether or not my ankle and knee will hold out, they tweak every short run so Im not sure if they will keep flaring up as the training gets more plan is to do 2 of the 4 weekly runs on trail or grass to ease the pounding..

As far as pace goes i think it will come as abit of a relief to not have to focus on smashing 10kms all the time...this becomes superhard work and a slower jog will be a welcome change, although im sure I dont really know what Im in for as we go over the 20km mark? Lets hope we train long runs on the flat, although I doubt it after the half marathon preparation..

Im going into it pretty open minded..if my body packs in beforehand so be it...Im just happy to be running and dont want to do any major injuries...if I make it Ill be stoked but Im becoming a little less intense about achieving goals and just enjoying the ride at the moment....

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