Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lunch Time Trail Run: Great North Walk

Sitting at home on the computer on my 'work from home day' getting really bored so I decided to take my new Montrail shoes on their christening run....(I bought them at a new shop, Footpoint Shoe Clinic, Top Ryde, they had size 14!!!)

Packed lots of water as its was pushing 28C, added some very appropriate Dub to my Shuffle and off for my lunch time adventure...

Berowra Valley National Park is just 1km from my house, the Great North Walk can take you all the way to Newcastle...

Heaven! Around 8kms...didnt bother timing it, just out for an enjoyable trot!

1 comment:

  1. great run. some real technical trail on the GNW. Cant remember the amount of times i have stubbed my toes and tripped over roots. Lovely place though. Saw a huge echidna last time i was there!