Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunday High

Great 12.63km road run this morning with the Warriors battling it out before the sun came up properly...13C when we took off, around 22C an hour later
...apart from trying to keep ahead of my regular nemesis (you know who you are), who is generally faster than me, and listening to 1990's hip hop (Black Sheep, Tribe Called Quest and Jungle Bros),I thought abit about my plan to try a month off the grog..ive been averageing around 4 bottles of wine a week and want to see if, for the first time ever, i can go a month with none..I've never done this in my entire adult life and want to prove to myself its possible, plus drop the last stubborn 1.5kg in my long term weight plan...I have started successfuly tonite...

This rest of this weeks training plan is 10 kms road, 8kms bush and cross training....


  1. I bet you lose that 1.5 pretty quick by dropping the alcohol. Good luck!

  2. haha, no beer ian.....with the kms you do you can afford as much as you like....1/2 kg already lost in 1 week!