Thursday, November 18, 2010

Best Trail Run Ever! The Sphinx to Bobbin Head

At lunch today me and my running partner ran a beautiful trail for the first time, the Sphinx track at Bobbin Head. It starts with a massive downhill run where we bunny hopped our way down pretty fast, then takes us to Cowan Creek

From there we squeezed past around 50 school kids on an excursion as they clapped and screamed out "go mountain men"...came to a lovely water fall..

...on for another 4 kms or so to Bobbin Head Marina and Park...

Then our plan run up Bobbin Head trail was dashed by it being closed for renovation so we ran up the road for a 3km uphill climb...elevation not to bad though

A great varied run in perfect conditions of 19C

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  1. Nice one Paul! This run is around my neck of the woods - I head down the Sphinx and Bobbin Head tracks regularly. A beautiful part of the world!