Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bush Warriors!

Another venture of the road into the bush this morning with around 12 Westleigh Warriors...super hot at around 20C at 630am and accompanied by many leeches who loved to try and climb into the holes in our trainers, thru the sock to find our lovely blood.....we ran 2kms on the road, then after a 4kms trail we stopped to pick and flick them away before they reached skin....then onwards for a pretty consistent climb to another couple of km's home on the road...

Ive been looking around at other routes and there are heaps so close to home..Bobbin Head looks fantastic, the Great North Walk to Hornsby and back is a nice 15km run, down from Thornleigh to West Pymble also looks..Im going to try them all...

I feel re-energised in my running after discovering the bush...Ill still pound the pavement twice a week but will hit the trails as often as i can....very slow times but the heat and fact we are still getting used to the ascents and rabbit-hopping make it ok..I could feel myself getting more confident on the technical sections (alot of them)....theres really only 1km where you can let loose a little

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  1. takes time to adapt to the trails. lots more concentration needed and you cant really switch off like u can on the road. so much more fun though and tonnes of wildlife!