Thursday, June 17, 2010


Wow, what a run we had this morning, taking off at 6am on a 2.5km downhill road that seemed to lead into the the bowels of the earth, way below the tree line into some of the bush properties in Normanhurst........I became increasingly concerned about what was coming.......2kms of steep uphills, broken by 250 metre sections of flat road.......and I forgot my Ipod with all the neccesary Metal i normally rely on.....we are practicing for the City2Surf, which has a long 2km hill, particularly practicing the art of trying not to slouch our way up bit run solidly to the top......once we finished that we were then faced with a twisting turning 3km finish which packed three more hills, 2 steep and one ridiculous (I hear a voice behind me as we hit the top of this one saying "run hard to the finish after this" and then feel the pre-vomit bile rise).....thanks to our trainer for coming up with such a monster run

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