Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sustainable Running

I'm noticing that some of my running partners are coming down with injuries that stop them running for weeks at a time and this coupled with my own recurrent groin pain has made me re-evaluate my own running. I definitely want to keep doing it for many years to come so how to make it sustainable ?

Here's what Ive decided:

1. Do sprint training less often (this is where I usually get my injuries)
2. Be content with my current times (around 5.2-5.4 mins/km..dont push for
3. Have an occasional slower paced run and enjoy it
4. Extend my times if possible through better strategy not more effort (eg: negative
splits, planning race strategy, coming from behind if possible rather than
trying to be in front)
5. Less Heavy Metal playlists: this is critical as I just go "Hell Bent for Leather"
when I hear it
6. Swim once a week (my legs feel really relaxed afterwards)
7. Dont be too lazy to stretch properly after runs
8. Keep my Skins on for a few hours after long runs....

Now for some Judas Priest..........aaaah!

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