Monday, June 21, 2010

12 Weeks Until Blackmore's Sydney Half Marathon

Here we go again ! We are already a couple of weeks in to training for our second half Marathon (or mine..some of the team are on their third) and Im getting that daunting feeling....the one where you just want to run a short 10kms rather than push it out to 16 or fact this weekend we all decided to do 14 even though we were scheduled for more.....except our trainer, who thankfully is ahead of us in terms of mental strength on this one and just sent us an email reminding us to set goals for the coming own goals are as follows;

1. Practice and run negative splits
2. Beat a 120 minute time
3. Enjoy tapering and recovery now i know what a roller coaster of emotion is was last time
4. Hydrate without a camelback

There will be a great lead up with three races taking place between now and the half; the fast flat 7km Bay Run, the City2Surf 14km and my favourite, the Pub2Pub 13km along the Northern Beaches.................

Time to work on some longer playlists.....

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