Monday, August 29, 2011

Pub2Pub 13km Race Report

There's few runs set in a more beautiful landscape than Pub2Pub Dee Why to Newport Arms 13kms. This Sunday, me and mates Ron and Duncan stepped on to the sand of Dee Why for this great event, me and Duncan have done it three years in a row...

The race started using a pulse system, 300 runners at a time times about ten starts with a minute between them.....up the beach for 1km slogging it thru the sand and then accross Long Reef park down past Collaroy beach..

I had no plans for this one, just see how i go and was very pleased to be setting a consistent 5.2 pace right until the Warriewood Hills 6-7 kms into the i am nice and solid checking my watch

athlete photo

Then I ran a steady series of hills, not thrashing myself like the last 2 races but just taking it slightly anaerobically and saving abit for the massive one coming up....

athlete photo

Here's Duncan, looking good...
athlete photo
..and Ron nice and steady..

athlete photo

At the bottom of the Newport Hill i had a brief stop at the traffic as we had to cross Pittwater Road....then abit of pain for 2kms uphill..then smash it down the home stretch, slightly downhill..

athlete photo

Tired, but still with abit in the tan for a 75minute finish (5.4min/km pace)

Onya Duncan!!!

athlete photo

Onya Ron!!!!

athlete photo

Then a nice cold beer..

HH : MM : SS

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