Friday, August 26, 2011


Tomorrow it's time for the Pub2Pub 13kms...starting on the beautiful Dee Why Beach and ending up at the Newport Arms Hotel....time for some gut-busting after alot of slow slogs.

There is no better run for scenic views and a fantastic way to celebrate at the end (beers at 9am!)

Last year I was faster than i am now thakns to heaps of tempo runs..Ive gradually moved to longer distances and hills in the bush so we'll see how it goes...theres a killer hill at the end as you can see from being knackered last year below..pretty sure my posture has improved though!!!!

athlete photoathlete photo

After that its three weeks until Blackmores Half and then a pretty long stretch where there will be no formal races..

Still, I still have lots of plans

1. 32km Bush run to Crosslands with 2 friends
2. An appointment with some friends with a running coach to look at our style and biomechanics
3. Westleigh Warriors Relay
4. Continued Berowra Bush Runners
5. Increasing my regular base to 45kms per week
6. Some scenic running in New Zealand and Melbourne during work visits

Apart from that its a nice long wait until Canberra marathon training starts late November.....

Got my playlist ready....Roll Deep, MC Hammer, Public Enemy, 36CrazyFists, Van Halen

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