Friday, August 12, 2011

One Tiny Change Effects the Whole System

Had a revelation on yesterdays run about my constant battle with niggles in my ankle and abductors and the fact that i am constantly stretching them out to the point of exhaustion.....its nothing extraordinary, proof that a very small change can make an enormous difference

....I discovered that the common solution to all these problems is simply a matter of tilting my hips in..when i do this my whole body comes into line and i feel like im running with it all.not just my core drives me forward, head up, legs stretched out, overpronation stops

I read its like imagining your hips are a bowl of marbles and your not allowed to spill any...keep the legs under the hips at all times...dont do the 'butt in a bucket', etc.......

I ran like this for 10kms last night and it was astounding...rock niggles...fresh abductors....very little horizontal movement, just cruising down the road...hard to believe its taken me 2 years so work this one out but i think my core just hasnt been strong enough to manage it...I thank kettle bells for it...hallelujah!

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