Monday, August 8, 2011

Feeling Good!

Feeling good after Jabulani...after some pretty terrible soreness in the avo after the run and some serious streching I woke up the next day feeling remarkably fresh, except for a slight pain in the right knee which is subsiding....

I recently discovered that the elevation was around 2198ft, quite alot more than we are used to...our normal runs probably top 500 or so but nothing compared to the whopping 3-4000ft of the six foot track..

If this is my goal it means that the eventual training required for a run like that will be pretty massive..I know at 5kms-to-go on Jabulani my legs were pretty wooden and heavy so there is clearly alot more work to do if thats ever going to be possible..

I plan a very easy run tonite around the nice bouncy oval where my daughter will be soccer training...then another Wedneaday and Friday before Sundays Berowra Bush Run...


  1. good work Paul.

    Is your main picture of you running up bobbin head? thats a really nice spot, i enjoy running round there when i can. running down the opposite direction in the bush is just magic.

  2. yes..up the road to the entrance....Jabulani was also in Bobbin Head..down the main track then up the track that starts as you cross the mangrove walkway