Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Five Running Essentials

Inspired by bloggy friends Im writing my top five running essentials, five things ive learned across the last 2 years, often the result of near-injuries, stress, joyful discoveries

1. The Easy Run

When I started every run was a tempo run, a one way ticket to emotional and physical every other run is a relaxed affair, chatting with friends and letting the body stretch out and recover before thrashing it again

2. Posture
This one is major: if your injured its often because your posture isnt right, from overpronation to groin strain, ITB to foot problems...stay straight and relaxed, dont sit 'bum in the bucket' but lead with your core.

3. Trails
The thrill of the road can soon wear off as you run every route possible near where you live and your joints gradually wear down from constant battering...the bush lets all your muscles work and can be very uplifting, especially at sunrise!

4. Fuel
Learn to love carbs and dont feel bad....porridge, bagels, wholemeal muffins, stuff yourself in the morning and gradually eat less after that as the day progresses with meat and vegies at night....

5. Friends

Running alone is great but for me making friends along the way is part of the joy of the sport...plenty of room to compete and chat..youll meet people youd never other wise know and go on adventures together.

Five more tomorrow

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