Tuesday, July 19, 2011


17 Days to go until Jubalani Trail Half Marathon and then Blackmore's Half will nearly be upon me. it feels like along time since my last organised run, Canberra marathon in April.

I have spent the time judiciously healing my ankle tendon problems, which thanks to my physio are pretty much gone..lots of strengthening exercises every night. I ve also joined Berowra Bush Runners, a group that causes me both exhilaration and anxiety at the same time..anxiety because of the ridiculous distances they race and the constant reminders to follow their footseteps which i am succesfully ignoring to date

Injury-wise the groin pain is subsiding but there is still a repeated tightness in my right leg which i will have to pursue with the physio before long.....

Im pretty excited about Jubalani Challenge, run on a course we are pretty familiar with, into Bobbin head and back out again...

After that this would be the ideal schedule...

Pub2Pub 13kms (August 2011)
Blackmoore's Half Marathon (Sept 2010)
SAN 10kms (Sept 2010)
Start training for Canberra (December 2010)
Canberra marathon (April 2012)
May 2012 (Hike: 6Ft track)
Great Nosh 15km Trail (June 2012)
Mt Wilson to Bilpin 34kms (August 2012)

As you can see Im in no great rush to race every week..this seems the prfect amount if Im to balance family/running/injury well and not get TOO obsessed, only a little bit obsessed..

The peak of it all hopefully will one day be The 6Ft Track 45kms marathon ...hmmmm..but im not sure yet

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