Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Power of One Stretch

I have been struggling with a groin strain now for about nine months and had a pretty amazing experience last week. After hitting the hills pretty hard for a couple of weeks and testing new lighter-weight shoes... had gradually worsened to the point where it hurt pretty much all the time. I began to despair, thinking i had really done myself a serious injury and had three or four days rest...the kind where you catastrophize about your ability to reach your goals and are generally down in the dumps.

Then, almost by chance i am stretching and decide to try a stretch i have never done that can best be described as twisting and contorting one leg as I twist my body crazily in the other groin strain comes loose in one go never to be felt again.....incredible!

Since then I felt like Ive had chains lifted from my stride when Im running, Im loose of both sides and finally free to enjoy the new form Ive been practicing with the aid of my physio, known in my group as Robot-running because of the straight back and arms in..

For the first time in a year i am now free of any strains, tendonitis or niggles..woohoo!

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