Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Favorite Gear

Are you addicted to Wiggle or Eastbay? Know of other cheap shopping sites for running gear...I think Ive got abit of a problem....lets just say I have more coordinated running outfits than normal outfits.....bush, road, technical bush, long run, long run in the dark, rainy run, cold, hot, in between...I have a different outfit for every one....including long socks....

Here are my all time favorite fashion picks..

1. 2XU Running Socks: who cares if they work, they feel fantastic ( but my teenage daughter says i look like a 'school girl on the way to school')

2. Ronhill Running Top: the perfect fit, I could wear this all the time

3. Eastbay no-Brand Tights: About $120 cheaper than Skins, keep you warm and come in every colour under the sun

4. Nike Sleeveless Top: The ONLY top I have which has never shrunk no matter how many times i wash it

5. Craft Active Flouro Vest: You can sweat through it rather than suffocating

What about you?

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