Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting Closer

Two weeks to go until Jubalani Half Marathon (Bush) so this week has been a big one for me and my two training buddies....

Monday: Kettle bell and Core @ The Gym
Tuesday: 11kms road run
Wednesday: Free weights and core @ Gym
Thursday: bush run steepish and technical (and wet), 12kms
Friday: Kettle bell and core @ gym
Saturday: 11km road run
Sunday: Steep bush run 12kms

Total Run: 48kms
Total Hours Training: 7:15

Physically Im feeling pretty good, slight strain on the wrist from trying to increase kettle bell weighs abit too early, abit of a sore tendon in the ankle but the rest of my legs feeling fantastic....

This coming week will be similar, lets seem how I hold up.....

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