Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fartlek Fever

Ran a fun Fartlek-ish session with the Warriors tonite, 9kms with 1min sprint, 1 min slow, 1 min sprint, 5 mins comfortably hard repeats.......

Ive never done this before and thoroughly enjoyed it, partly due to being spurred on by my partner, Meryln, who kicks ass as far as speed goes....mine anyway...

Slight soreness in the lower back that has nothing to do with running and more to do with my untrained attempts as Kettle Bells (I increased my weights)...pretty sure this, combined with some heavy hill work over the week is what has lead to it...normally i hate to taper but i am honestly looking forward to taking it easy next week and giving my poor battered body a break....Ive been pushing it pretty hard lately and I turn bloody 46 in 5 days time too!

This Friday will be an easy run of 7kms then Ill thrash through the bush Sunday with the Bushrunners before calming right down for a week before the Jabulani Challenge...Im planning some serious chocolate eating too....mostly focused on my love for Snickers coupled with Vanilla Smoothies with extra Malt....hmmmmm

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