Sunday, May 1, 2011

Time for a New Foundation

After much consideration i ran my first 50km/week base this week....Ive come to the conclusion that i need to move up from 34kms to 50 if i am to go the next step and improve my marathon time....I actually enjoyed it this week...squeezed runs in wherever i got the chance and my legs recovered better than i thought they would, although Im abit sore tonite after a very hilly rollercoaster 17 km long run this a.m..

My schedule will be:

1. Long run 16 plus
2. Hills 7kms
3. Tempo 10 kms
4. Recovery 10kms
5. Intervals 7kms

Long run will then be extended to top of 36km over the next few months

I think Ive arranged it so there is no junk kms and Ill augment it with some core and upper body work in the gym...

Pretty excited to see the results as Marathon training starts again...hoping to run a 430 this time..slow for many but Id be over the moon with it.....

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