Sunday, May 8, 2011

Back It Up!

Since finishing the marathon i have been trying to increase my speed and frequency of runs, as seen in my last two posts...well, it seems I may have been going too hard and not introducing things ankle pain returned yesterday, just 2 days after my groin strain was re-ignited, a reminder that I need to introduce changes alot more slowly, seems Ive been a little too gung-ho to get it all done at once...

Why? I ask myself, did I get tempted into increasing everything so quickly, especially since I pride myself on being sensible....Ive tracked it back to my pre-marathon desire to avoid a post-marathon lull...I think i was worried that Id ease off too much after the marathon, get an anti-climax, so I pushed on too hard instead...hmmm, big changes need to happen over long time periods.

The ankle pain has subsided now but even a tiny taste of injury is exactly the reminder i back to running four days instead of five...the only small change Ill make is add 45 minutes cycling to my week and do a few more planks...if all is well Ill then push the speed a little and see how i go.....

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