Monday, May 2, 2011

Hard Going

Gee Whiz..pushing out from 34kms to 50 base per week is proving to be a hard slog...its not necessarily the miles as id done 65/week at the end of marathon training, its the fact that I have to do 5 runs per week now until the next long run period develops for September's Blackmores Marathon....

When i try and squeeze them into my schedule it turns out Im doing three runs in a space of 48 hours....fortunately I have always found a partner to join me, from my trainer to my regular running partners to a longlost high school friend rediscovered thanx to facebook..

One thing i have been realising though is that it will be good for the mind..I need a little more mental toughness and am softened by contantly using music and others to ease the pain of my runs...I did one run last week, 16kms, no partner, no music, in the rain, under pressure to get home and on massive hills which went pretty well and i kept a decent speed for me....

Lets see how things assured I will continue

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