Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post-Marathon Revelations

Just having a few epiphanies about my postmarathon experience......this is how i did it

1. Run 2 days after the marathon as fast as a i can
2. Increase my frequency and intensity of runs 1 week after
3. Go full on into the next marathon training program but try and go faster
4. Risk re-injuring myself
5. Scratch my head about why?

Gee whiz, Im abit dumb....this is exactly the opposite of what everyone seems to recommend...

1. Take a break and return back to full schedule over 4-6 weeks
2. Only increase duration, frequency or intensity, not all three!
3. Take a proper rest before starting on the next training climb again
4. Keep all the injury-prevention habits in place
5. ENJOY running is the priority

Feel like Im back in synch again and realising that Im not superman Im just a runner!

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