Friday, May 6, 2011

Do It!

Ok....made it thru groin pain and slight ankle niggle to finish my second week at a bigger base....first week was a real shock to the system and hurt alot, then this wednesday i ran a really fast tempo (5.25mins/km pace over 10kms) which gave me a burst of motivation to keep going....sitting here drinking my Friday beer Im pretty pleased with myself that I kept it going, even if Thurdays run hurt (groin) and forced me to run super slow...smashed the hill session this morning...

One thing Im learning is to listen to my body and adjust speed accordingly...its a real balancing act between not injuring yourself but stretching the boundary...I think Im getting it....slight ankle niggle but that's normal

This weekend Im looking forward to a bushbash...then Ive really got to kick the fifty in the arse next week.

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